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Models Designed by Other Artists


The following models were designed by other artists, but folded by me.  Most models were folded from a single uncut square (which is where my main interest lies) unless indicated otherwise.


Origami Crane Origami Iris Origami Iris Bouquet   Origami Snail Shell Origami Three Vegetables Origami Chambered Nautilus
Origami Black Devil Angler Origami Atlantic Purple Sea Urchin Origami Venus' Comb Murex Shell Origami Samurai Helmet Beetle Origami Praying Mantis Origami Scorpion Origami Acrocinus Longimanus Origami Tree Frog
Origami Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Origami Chess Set Origami Eastern Dragon Origami Bird of Paradise Flower Origami Dahlia Origami Mushroom Origami Flying Dragon Origami Bee