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Hibiscus with Stem and Leaves


Origami Hibiscus with Stem and Leaves

Paper used:  two un-cut squares of mulberry tissue paper treated with methyl cellulose.

Hibiscus Design date:  February, 2007

Stem and Leaves Design Date:   August, 2013

Hibiscus Base Crease Pattern: 

Origami Hibiscus Base

Stem and Leaves Base Crease Pattern:

Origami Stem and Leaves Base


A few months ago The Book Shop LTD, a publishing company from New York, purchased my Hibiscus diagrams for a book titled Origami Master Class: Flowers. Since all other flowers in the book are to be displayed in some way and not just sitting by themselves, they asked if I had a stem and leaf arrangement to display my Hibiscus. I did not, but quickly came up with the design shown above. I have never used two sheets of paper in the same figure before - I enjoy the challenge of getting as much detail as possible out of a single uncut square. However, for the purpose of displaying this flower in a published work, I love the way this turned out.