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Origami Gryphon

Paper used:  a single un-cut square of back-coated mulberry tissue paper treated with methyl cellulose.

Design date: February, 2013

Base Crease Pattern: 

Origami Gryphon Base

Design Reference:

Gryphon Drawing


I wanted to design something else with wings, like my Archangel, and decided on a Gryphon. I designed the wings and head inside out so that the color change would put everything in the correct place. I also pre-creased and collapsed the base with the color change already complete instead of inverting flaps after the collapse. This caused some strange interactions between the layers, which was a large part of what made this design so difficult.  I had thought to color-change the entire region of head and wings, but realized that would put the head behind the wings after the structure was inverted. The need to preserve the narrow strip between the color-changed head and color-changed wings drastically increased the difficulty level. The fact that it was so much different to fold from what I usually do is also what made it so fun, and satisfying, to complete.


Origami Gryphon


Origami Gryphon