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Origami Snail

Paper used:  a single un-cut square of tissue foil.

Design date:  April, 2008

Diagrams:  here

Base Crease Pattern: 

Origami Snail Base

Design Reference:

Real Snail


Long ago, I was bored while waiting for my family to finish lunch at a Chinese restaurant (I am a fast eater).  I idly started folding a chopstick wrapper - I made a waterbomb base on one end, rabbit-eared the two loose corners, then curled the rest around a chopstick.  The resulting Chopstick Wrapper Snail greatly amused my two sons.  You can probably guess that this then doomed me to fold snail after snail any time we ate at a Chinese restaurant.  One snail was not enough - each time, I had to make a family of snails (two "large" ones out of chopstick wrappers and two smaller ones out of fortune cookie fortunes).  They did tire of this game after many months, but then their interest was eventually re-kindled.  The request to once again fold a family of snails inspired me to design a more complex and realistic snail.