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Greater Bird of Paradise II


Origami Greater Bird of Paradise II

Paper used:  a single un-cut square of tissue paper treated with methyl cellulose.

Design date:  July, 2008

Base Crease Pattern: 

Origami Greater Bird of Paradise II Base

Design Reference:

Real Greater Bird of Paradise


While I have no doubt that the majority of my designs have at least some room for improvement, I am satisfied with the design and end result for all of them except one.  While the Manta Ray was my first original origami model, the Greater Bird of Paradise was the first for which I designed an original base using circle-packing techniques.  Since it was my first attempt it was, unsurprisingly, extremely simple.  More to the point, it does not match the painting I was attempting to re-create in several ways - the feet have no toes, two of the four parts of the tail appear to be wings, it has no actual wings, and the long tail strands join at the body instead of further down the tail.  I decided it would be interesting to see what I could come up with now that I have much more design experience under my belt.  I completely re-designed this model - it is not an alteration of the previous one.