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Duck-Billed Platypus


Origami Duck Billed Platypus

Paper used:  a single un-cut square of tissue foil.

Design date:  August, 2008

Base Crease Pattern: 

Origami Duck Billed Platypus Base

Design Reference:

Real Duck Billed Platypus


After designing my Emperor Penguin for my oldest son (as previously mentioned, it was his first Webkinz pet), of course I had to design my younger son's first Webkinz (a platypus, obviously).  In fact, he has a family of platypi - a white one (the dad), a pink one (the mom) and a little white one that has now in truth become a brown platypus.  I found a picture (linked to above) to base my design on, but it left a few unanswered questions.  Precisely how many toes are on each foot?  What is the precise location and orientation of the poison-spurs I had heard were somewhere on the back legs?  I found a picture of a platypus skeleton which indicated that the feet each have five toes and the spurs are on the "heels" of the back feet and curve upward.  I also have a picture of the spurs of my origami platypus.