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Long Necked Seed Bug


Origami Long Necked Seed Bug

Paper used:  a single un-cut square of tissue foil.

Design date:  February, 2007

Diagrams:  here

Base Crease Pattern: 

Origami Long Necked Seed Bug Base

Design Reference:

Real Long Necked Seed Bug


I would never have known an insect called a "long necked seed bug" even existed but for the fact that Robert Lang designed one in his first insect book, Origami Insects and their Kin.  Most of the models in that book had drastically improved counterparts in his second insect book, aptly named Origami Insects II.  One notable exception was the long necked seed bug (which was one of my favorite models from his first book), so I decided to try my hand at designing one.  Robert even made some helpful suggestions which led to the finished product in the picture.  He also emailed me a better picture of a real long necked seed bug, which is shown above.