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Index of Models by Category (88)

The following index contains only models which were folded from my original designs out of single uncut squares of paper with the exception of the hibiscus with stem and leaves, which were folded from two separate squares.  Within each category, they are organized from newest to oldest.


  Plants and Flowers (26)  


Origami Queen of the Night

Origami Hibiscus with Stem and Leaves

Origami Daffodil

Origami Flying Duck Orchid

Origami Bird of Paradise Flower

Origami Holy Ghost Orchid

Origami Spider Lily

Origami Morning Glory

Origami Rafflesia Arnoldii

Origami African Daisy

Origami Shell Ginger

Origami Blue Passion Flower II

Origami Blue Passion Flower

Origami Graptopetalum Rusbyi

Origami Water Lily

Origami Torch Ginger

Origami Lotus Origami Heliconia Origami Fan Palm Origami Hibiscus  



Insects and Arachnids (26)



Origami Triangular Spider

Origami Horned Spider

Origami Violin Beetle

Origami Hooded Mantis

Origami Tailless Whip Scorpion

Origami Flying Walking Stick

Origami Swallowtail Butterfly

Origami Acorn Weevil

Origami Dobsonfly

Origami Giraffe Weevil

Origami Pseudoscorpion

Origami Tarantula Hawk

Origami Whip Scorpion

Origami Camel Spider II Origami Harvestman Origami Camel Spider Origami Walking Leaf Origami Long Necked Seed Bug  



Sea Life (19)



Origami Mantis Shrimp

Origami Squid Worm

Origami Gaussia Princeps

Origami Leafy Sea Dragon

Origami Blind Lobster

Origami Blue Button

Origami Blue Dragon Sea Slug

Origami Jellyfish Origami Giant Isopod Origami Sea Urchin Origami Ghost Shrimp Origami Lightning Whelk Origami Alaskan King Crab
Origami Manta Ray                


Miscellaneous (17)



Origami Lion

Origami Phoenix

Origami Gryphon

Origami Archangel

Origami Balrog

Origami Crucifix

Origami Wishbone

Origami Secretary  Bird

Origami Duckbilled Platypus

Origami Greater Bird of Paradise II Origami Emperor Penguin Origami Dragon Throne Origami Snail Origami Greater Bird of Paradise