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Origami Artists' Webpages:

Robert J. Lang Origami Robert is my mentor - his book Origami Design Secrets is the only reason I have been able to develop my own original designs.  If you are at all interested in origami, you should check out his website (and buy his books).
Satoshi Kamiya I cannot describe his designs - you have to see them for yourself.  His oriental-style dragon (titled "Ryuzin 3.5", under the 2005 category) is, in my opinion, the single greatest piece of origami in existence.
Brian Chan After Robert and Satoshi, Brian's work is the best I have seen. 
Joseph Wu's Origami Page Joseph is an accomplished artist in his own right, and his page includes the most comprehensive list of origami sites on the web.  It also includes diagrams (my favorite of which is his birdbase chess set).

Origami Diagrams Webpages:

Origami Diagrams by Alex Barber This is the largest database of origami diagrams I have found.  If you can't find it here, it is probably not published on the web, not diagrammed at all, or not worth folding.
Origami Interest Group There are a few models here worth folding that are not on Alex Barber's website.

Online Paper Stores:

Paper Connection For complex origami, large sheets of thin, strong paper are essential.  Typical "origami" paper usually does not meet all these criteria at the same time - this store has a large selection of many types of paper that do, Korean Hanji being particularly nice.
Origami Shop Another store that has many varieties of paper suitable for highly complex origami - in particular, Thai Unryu and other mulberry tissue papers.
Paper Jade  Not the largest inventory, but as of the last time I ordered here, they didn't charge shipping!!!
Kim's Crane A large selection of typical "origami" paper.
OrigamiUSA A large selection of paper, along with a few diagrams (although they are extremely simple).

Other Links:

I have a Flickr account.  It does not contain many pictures not shown on this site, but you can post comments if you have an account.