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My brothers and I have started building a tree-house on my parents' property "for my kids" (at least that is what we are telling my dad to get him to pay for it...).  Steven is an architect and Nathan works in the construction business, so this is possibly the most over-engineered, over-built tree-house there is.  It is obviously not finished (I am not sure it will ever actually be "finished" - we will probably always have something else we are planning on adding), so I will update the pictures as we update the tree-house.


This is the entrance from my parents' yard.


These are the cables holding up the right side of the tree-house.

This is the view from the back left corner of the platform - it is one of the main reasons why we chose this particular location to build the tree-house.

This is the view down from that same corner.

This is a view of the path that runs down the hillside to the creek-bed below.  We have jokingly (sort-of) talked about putting in a zip-line from the tree-house to the valley floor below.

This is the view from that path back up to the tree-house.

Another picture of where the support cables attach.

The kids like the way it is nestled in the trees.