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Sand Sculptures 2014


My first project this year was the biggest egg-style structure I've made yet with four levels that have six tunnels each. The biggest one prior to this was three levels with four tunnels each.

My 11 year old son next to the Tower of EGGcellence to give it's size perspective.

My second project was smaller. These Interlocking Arches were challenging because they are both flat, 2-dimensional structures that topple at the slightest sideways nudge.


My son wanted me to help him make a sand Lego Brick. This was fun to make - not a lot of labor, but still challenging to make clean straight lines on the rectangle and uniformly round pegs on top.

I piled the sand - he is still having trouble with that part but is trying to learn. He carved the rectangle after I marked it out and I carved the round pegs. He made some pegs himself (they were pretty good, but not uniform with the others) but I made all the ones in the photo.