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Sand Sculptures 2012



My brother Steven came up with this egg design one year and has carved at least one every year since.  Neither of my brothers could make it to the beach this time, so I made some in his honor.  I first practiced with a small two story egg (left), then made an entire village with a three story egg in the middle (top).  Later, I decided to make another three story egg (right) in order to be more accurate in shaping it.

My son, Seth, asked me to make a Tri-Force of Courage.

Making the Tri-Force of Courage gave me the idea to add detail to it with a fractal pattern.  I call it the Tri-Force of Awesome.

Another view of the Tri-Force of Awesome.

My sons worked together to make a Pac-Man sculpture.

Seth made a turtle.

Seth made a shoe.