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Sand Sculptures 2011


Our theme this year was Angry Birds.  Of course, their nest had to be empty - why else would they be angry?

We were happy to discover that, once formed, the eggs would hold together while being scooted across the sand.  That way, we could form them separately then group them together.


This is a photo of the entire scene - after we went up to the house for lunch, someone else decided to add a small wall in front of the eggs.

This was my first practice angry bird before my brothers arrived.

My oldest son, Seth (who was 11 years old on this trip) is getting better at sand sculpting.  This is the pig he made.

This has nothing to do with our sand sculptures, but we came across some interesting sea life this year.  These Blue Buttons are not jellyfish, but rather they are colony organisms attached to a float, similar to Man O' Wars.