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The island of Kaua'i is easily the most beautiful place I have ever been.  This trip served as the inspiration for three of my original origami designs - the Hibiscus, the Heliconia, and the Torch Ginger.  The first two pictures were taken at the condo where we stayed - I took all the others on a hike up the Na Pali Coastline with my father-in-law, sister-in-law, and her husband (they were the only ones who wanted to go).  

Hanalei Bay Resort

This was the view from the back porch of our condo.

Torch Ginger

The torch ginger is one of my favorite flowers, as well as my favorite out of my original origami designs.

Na Pali CoastAs we hiked the Na Pali Coast, the trail repeatedly swung in and out.  One minute we would be in the dark jungle, the next we would be in the bright sunlight with a clear view of the ocean and the horizon.  This photo most clearly shows this contrast.

Na Pali Coast

 This may not immediately be the most impressive picture but, for some reason, I find the tree featured here to be strangely compelling.

Hanakapiai Beach


This was our first glimpse of our initial destination, Hanakapiai Beach.

Warning SignOur first destination on this hike was the Hanakapiai Beach.  Look closely at this picture, and you will discover that although it is undoubtedly beautiful, this beach is also extremely dangerous.


Hanakapiai Beach

This stream flows down to Hanakapiai Beach, turns left and runs parallel to the beach, then turns right and runs into the ocean.


Hanakapiai Beach

Another view of the stream and the beach.  The freshwater stream makes a perfect place to rinse your feet before putting your shoes back on.


Hanakapiai Beach

This is the view from the beach back up into the mountains.  Our second destination was a waterfall about two and a half miles inland.  My sister-in-law, Becky, was pregnant, so she did not continue the hike.  Her husband, Scott, and I went on to the falls while her father, Jack, accompanied her back to the condo.

Hanakapiai Falls


A shimmering mist hung in the air within the bowl into which the falls came down, causing the rock walls to be covered in green growth.

Hanakapiai FallsThis is Hanakapiai Falls, the final destination on our hike.  It was about 5 miles of hiking to get here (which also means 5 more miles out).  As nice as this picture is, it does not capture the beauty or serenity of this place.  This was, for me, the highlight of our trip to Hawaii.


Hanakapiai Falls

This is the pool at the base of the falls.