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My Family


I am lucky enough to have a wonderful wife and two wonderful sons who are very understanding (at least they pretend to be) about the admittedly absurd amounts of time I spend folding paper.


Me and My Wife

My wife and me

Seth's First Crane


In June of 2008, my oldest son folded his first piece of origami.  When he expressed interest, the model I taught him was, of course, the traditional crane (this was also my first model).  He was 8 years old when he folded it.


Ethan's First Crane

My younger son folded his first piece of origami (again, a traditional crane,) when he was 5 years old.  I did give him a little more help than I did to my older son, but I was surprised at how well he did.  After helping him with the more complicated folds (petal and reverse folds) on one side of the model, he was able to complete the folds himself on the other side.