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About the Artist


I am a 40 year old high school math teacher who enjoys doing origami (obviously).  I have taught high school for 17 years and have been pursuing origami as a hobby for the same amount of time.  I learned how to fold the traditional crane when I was a kid but quickly lost interest.  When I graduated from college and got a teaching job, I took up two seemingly incongruous hobbies - skydiving and origami (I'll let you guess which one I still do now that I am married).  As I gained more and more experience, I was able to fold more and more complicated models, and now, for the last ten years, I have been designing my own original origami models (thanks to Robert Lang's book Origami Design Secrets).  While origami is certainly a major focus for me, I do have other interests:

  My Family

Sand Sculptures  Sand Sculptures


  Tree-house Building




I also enjoy more mundane things (such as reading, watching tv, etc.) which do not make interesting photographs.